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Discover the Beauty with Exterior Decorating Ideas in Folkestone

exterior décor ideas with lighting

Introduction: Enhancing Your Home's Curb Appeal

When you want to make your Folkestone home look nicer from the outside, start by focusing on the outside. Folkestone is by the coast and has lots of natural beauty, so you can get ideas from that. You can do things like putting up nice things on the walls outside or getting some good fake trees for outside. This guide will give you lots of ideas for making the outside of your Folkestone home look better. These ideas will help you make a nice outdoor area that shows off your style and makes your home look even nicer.

1. Outdoor Wall Decor: Adding Personality to Your Exterior

When you want to make the outside of your home with decorators in Folkestone look better, there are lots of ways to do it without copying. Here are some ideas:

Nice Pictures: 

Get a local artist to paint a pretty picture on one of your outside walls. Choose something that shows off Folkestone's beauty, like pictures of the sea or famous places in Folkestone. It makes your home look more interesting and adds something special to the area.

Metal Art: 

You can put up metal sculptures or decorations on your walls. Choose shapes or designs that fit in with the area, like abstract shapes or things from nature. Metal art can make your home look fancy and draw people's attention.

Hanging Plants: 

Hang up pots of flowers or plants on your walls. Pick plants that like the weather in Folkestone, like lavender or hydrangeas. It makes your home look nice and brings some nature to your outside space.

2. Enhancing the Front of Your House: Creating a Welcoming Entrance

The front of your Folkestone home is the first thing people see, so it's important to make it look nice. Here are some simple ideas to improve it:

Plants and Flowers: 

Put some pots of plants and flowers near your front door to make it look more welcoming. Choose ones that match the style and colours of your home. You can change them with the seasons to keep it fresh all year round.


Add some lights to brighten up your front entrance, especially at night. Wall lights or pathway lights can make it easier to see and give your home a cosy feel. Make sure the lights match the style of your home.

House Numbers and Signs: 

Make your house numbers and signs look smart. Choose ones that fit with the style of your home, whether it's modern or traditional. Metal or wood ones are durable and look good.

Exterior Artificial Trees View of backyard garden

3. Best Exterior Artificial Trees: Adding Greenery Without the Hassle

Adding greenery to your outdoor areas can make them look nicer, but it can be hard to keep up with maintenance. Here are some ideas for using artificial trees outside:

Fake Topiaries: 

Artificial topiaries look like real bushes but don't need any care. You can get them in different shapes, like spirals or cones, to match your home. Put them in pots near your front door for a tidy look.

Tall Palm Trees: 

Fake palm trees can give your outdoor space a tropical feel and make it look taller. Choose ones that look like real palm trees, such as coconut palms or date palms. Put them around your patio or pool to make it feel like a fancy resort.

Easy-to-care-for Shrubs: 

Artificial shrubs are great for areas that don't get much sun or are hard to reach. Pick ones like boxwood or yew to use as borders or screens for privacy. You can mix them in with real plants to add some variety.

Conclusion: Transforming Your Outdoor Space in Folkestone

By trying out these clever ideas, you can make your Folkestone home's outside look better. Whether you're adding things to your walls, making the front of your house nicer, or using artificial trees, these tips will help you make your outdoor space welcoming and show off your style. For more details and quotes you can contact Taylor Services!

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