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Airless Spraying

Airless spray painting 

Give a Magical Makeover to Your Kitchen, Furniture & Garage Doors. 


Does your kitchen look outdated and dull, but you cannot afford to get expensive fittings and replacements? With our paint sprayer services in Folkestone, you can bring life back into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost! Taylor Services is backed by a team of professional sprayers in Kent. Whether you need overall kitchen spray painting, kitchen re-spray, furniture spray, or garage door spraying, we are always ready for you.


We offer affordable yet exceptional spray-painting services using cutting-edge tools and the highest standard material. When you work with us, there’s simply no room for complaints.

Superior Paint Sprayer Services in Folkestone

Our paint sprayers in Folkestone and Kent provide top-notch spraying services to renew the look of your kitchen, furniture pieces and garage.

Kitchen Spraying

Transforming kitchens does not mean carrying out massive changes, such as improving the layout or changing the plumbing. A beautiful transformation is also possible by spraying the kitchen or parts with a new colour.


If you desire to improve the look of this place, rely on our expert paint sprayers in Kent. We’ll update your worktop with the paint spray, and upgrade cabinet and drawer handles so you can create a personalized space. With a fantastic selection of colours from the best brands, our team will ensure that your kitchen will benefit from tough and hard-wearing finishes.


Highest Quality UPVC and Metal Spray Painting

Taylor Services has expertise in all aspects of UPVC, MDF, PVC, plastic, metal, and glass spray paint. Some surfaces need special treatment and our specialist painters have the requisite experience and training to deal with them professionally and competently.


Consider us as your trusted local window and door painters. Being one of the leading paint sprayer services in Folkestone, our work is characterized by its flawless finish. Trust us to make your property look and feel brand new as well as extend its life.


We spray doorframes, doors, windows, and bi-fold doors. Did you know that spray-painting doors and windows is 80% cheaper than completely replacing these parts? Our experts can spray your home any colour with a satin, matte or gloss finish.

Hassle-free Garage Door Spraying

Is the faded colour of your garage door troubling you? If it is spoiling the look of your home, choose our services for garage door spraying in Kent. We have a specialist paint sprayer in Kent who will completely change your garage door so it looks even better than new!


Taylor Services is a top name in garage door spraying, offering no-mess, hassle-free spraying services with excellent results every time. We spray paint aluminium, UPVC, fibreglass, and even roller shutter garage doors across Kent. Using paint with a huge life expectancy, our painters ensure your door keeps looking vibrant throughout its lifespan. We can match every RAL & NCS colour and those of designer brands.


Contact us to get a quote for garage door spraying.

How Does Spray-Painting Process at Taylor Services Work

Our paint sprayers in Folkestone perform the spray-painting process in several stages. Every stage is carefully undertaken to give you the best results.


1. Preparation

We thoroughly clean every surface to make them free from grease and dirt. Our paint specialists check metal doors for rust and use a wire brush to remove peeling or loose paint. If there’s any damage, we repair it to ensure a smooth finish. The specialist will brush the edges to eliminate loose dirt that may spoil the paint. Lastly, we wipe the surface to ensure that it is fully dry before work commences.

2. Masking

Now, the paint sprayer masks areas that do not need painting. We apply the masking paper to the soffits and walls. Our painters cover any object inside the garage before spraying it to prevent damage. We then lay masking paper sheets on the floor.

3. Mixing the paint

Our paint sprayer in Kent combines the paint in the correct consistency and colour as per your preferences. This is a complicated process, but our painters are adept at it and can provide you with the desired results.

4. Paint application

We begin by applying a thin coat of paint to determine if any contaminants remain. After that, two thin coats are applied, starting from the outer edges and the less visible areas. Various linear passes across the door are made for applying every paint coat and giving them time to dry.

5. Final touches

Once the spray paint process is completed, our painter will remove all equipment tape and masking paper. They’ll replace the items removed earlier and ensure the area is fully clean. We inspect the final finish and only walk away when you are 100% satisfied with the result.


Why Choose Our Paint Sprayer Services in Folkestone

Taylor Services abides by its two primary principles of trust and quality. Our paint sprayers in Kent are true professionals, capable of carrying out even the most complex spray painting tasks flawlessly. Here’s what makes us distinct from the rest.

Trusted Spray Paint Services

From the time you contact us to the final completion of your project, we maintain open and transparent communication. That is how we have gained the trust of numerous homeowners in Kent. Our friendly painters work with integrity and patiently listen and answer all your concerns.

Commitment to Quality Customer Service

As one of the best paint sprayer services in Folkestone, we ensure that we truly deliver our promises. When you choose Taylor Services, you are choosing to work with reliable professionals who carry out all tasks to the best of their ability. We are committed to providing quality customer service with every step of the way.

Highly Skilled Team of Experts

Taylor Services is backed by a team of highly experienced and qualified spray painters. We have mastered various painting techniques, and that is what sets us apart from others. You can be assured that we will always complete your job to the highest industry standard. Our spray painters use advanced techniques suitable for individual tasks.


Ready to give your kitchen, furniture, or garage a makeover?

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