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We offer a variety of painting and decorating services that develop the visual appeal, which helps enhance the properties of future value.

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Taylor Services understand building refurbishment is no small task. Therefore, having the required expertise required to deliver your concept and deliver first class results is something we excel in.




We will work together with you, ensuring the solution you require is tailored exactly to your needs. We aim to nurture and develop a long-term relationship, whilst continually communicating through each stage of the project up until handover. 



A dedicated Project Manager will ensure your project is met with the due diligence it deserves. Communication is streamlined, ensuring accountability is held with the person tasked with your project.



Our team is responsible and accountable for managing communications with our clients. We approach a customer’s project and apply this attitude to our clients to ensure they feel respected and cared for throughout the life of a contract. This approach has allowed us to specialise in working with vulnerable adults to ensure adequate safeguarding, and constant, clear communication is of paramount importance. 



The Importance of Looking at Liability Insurance When Hiring For Interior Painting.

Hiring a local Painter and Decorator in Folkestone, Kent can transform your interior space. Adding new paint to the walls can make a dull and dingy space seem cleaner, brighter and more inviting. But, as you look to hire for interior painting, it is important that you take the time to ensure the company you are working with carries liability insurance & credentials. 

One of the reasons why it is so important to look at liability insurance before hiring a professional for interior painting is to help protect yourself. If the professional falls off a ladder while painting in your home, and they do not have insurance, they may be able to sue you or come after your homeowner's insurance. Making sure they have insurance coverage helps to protect you against this. Taylor Services carry £2,000,000 liability insurance. Ensuring you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances. 


So, If you are looking to hire a professional painter and decorator in and around Folkestone, let us at Taylor Services help you.



Increase Your Home's Aesthetic Appeal With Exterior Painting.

There are a number of ways that you can increase your home's aesthetic appeal. If it has been some time since you last painted your home, and your home's paint colour looks dull, dated or is chipping or peeling, Taylor Services can help with exterior painting.


Taylor Services provide extensive services from rendering to dealing with those nasty cracks, which keep reappearing. Either way, adding a fresh coat of paint helps to brighten up your home and make it seem well-cared for.


Speak with one of our professionals who can begin the process of having you select an exterior paint colour for your home.


The benefits of hiring a local property maintenance company in Folkestone.

If you have rental homes, there are many companies that offer property maintenance in Folkestone, Kent. However, as you look to hire a company, there are many benefits associated with hiring property services close to your rental properties. Keep reading to see how and why this may be beneficial in working with Taylor Services. 


One of the reasons why hiring a professional property services company like Taylor Services is because we know the area well. We know what type of weather elements occur in the area, what type of damage these weather elements can cause, and what type of damage is common for homes in the area especially living by the sea! This gives us a unique insight into what to look for when we are inspecting, maintaining and repairing a home. Someone living outside of the area may not be familiar with all of this information, so they may miss key problems because it is not a common problem with the homes where they live.


Taylor Services offer decorating, plumbing and electrical services. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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This is the fourth time I’ve used Taylor’s. They never let us down and always do a brilliant job.


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